How to fully turn off plain text version of letters?

Dmitriy K

Please tell me how to do it. If i choose this options on letter creation process, in result, text version always present... I really need have a possibility to turn it OFF! Please help!
In all variants email source including plain text version. Please check any source of your letter, and i think you will see it...
Guys, it still important for me... Please help!
you might be able to find it by yourself if you use your browsers 'inspect element' feature and see where the plain text settings are, specifically the one re 'create from html', as that will point you to the code which must be disabled (comment out), but i have not tried, so this is your adventure ;)

however, it is not recommendable, as some may receive the html email and have their email browser set to display only text, and then it is empty/blank and you get complaints/spam reports/unsubs/etc...