How to fix this pleaseeeeee !!!!


i try to put all email i have with my account of sendgrind but unfortunatly it doesnt accept any email that i have registered with my server or platform...

hot to fix this please ???

thnak you

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There is this article at which explains how to add sendgrid step by step. You should also make sure your sendgrid account is accepted for sending. Contacting them about the issue is also a good idea.

This solution did not help me... I am unable to add a sendgrid server now that I have upgraded.

Hello MailWizzers,

I've been away from the program for a while, but now I am back.

Upon My return I have run into a problem that I can't solve and am here looking for some kind help...

Here is my issue as I understand it.

1. upgraded to the latest version of mailwizz (version 1.9.4)
2. went back into an existing account and set up a couple of new lists and campaigns (autoresponders)
3. set up an email collection form on my site.
4. connected my new form to one of my newly created lists.
5. connected list to appropriate autoresponder campaign.
6. went to site and filled out form with test name, email, etc. and hit submit.
7. new email form captured data was successfully transferred to newly created list.
8. waited for 10 minutes and then checked to see if the first email campaign was delivered.

Campaign was not sent, even though campaign status shows Status = sending 0%.

9. begin trouble shooting.
10. checked to ensure campaign was set to deliver 0 minutes after optin... CHECK.
11. checked cron jobs to ensure they were functioning at the proper time intervals... CHECK.
12. went to Miscellaneous >> Application Log to see if there was a problem...
13. Discovered the following error... 2020/02/12 02:29:02 [error] [application] Cannot find a valid server to send the campaign email, aborting until a delivery server is available!
14. went to customers to check to see if there was a valid server...
15. Customer >> Servers >> Delivery servers >> Sendgrid server is Active.
16. thought maybe I just need to update the server because of the upgrade of program.
17. clicked the update button and got the following error... Error 500! Server type not allowed...
18. went back to user >> Servers >> Delivery servers >> went to customer line and tried to update server from there (shows its active). clicked update and got the same error message... Error 500! Server type not allowed.
19. user >> Settings >> Customers >> Servers to ensure that Sendgrid was an allowed server Type.
20. SENDGRID no longer shows up in the Allowed Server Types.

Does this mean I can no longer use Sendgrid Servers with MailWizz?

And if I can't what is a comparable alternative?

Thanks in advance for any and all help, input, suggestions, and fixes.

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20. SENDGRID no longer shows up in the Allowed Server Types.
Upgrade your PHP version, both in web server but also in command line.
SendGrid requires PHP >= 7.0 to work, and if you don't have this version of php we simply don't show the sendgrid option.