How to export campaigns delivery logs


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Dear all,

can i export the campaigns delivery logs in csv / other format ?
If no, could you tell me which query MW run ?

You can do it only one by one for each campaign, i.e:

Screenshot 2020-06-11 19.45.45.png
Otherwise, the campaign_delivery_log table contains all this info.
hi twisted1919
i need an export every month for all campaign because we need to split by domain and analyze the output.
There isn't another way?
Maybe i can export the result directly from mysql, could you share the query you run ?
#edit -- i've retrieved the sqlquery.
Possible through another way ? ( maybe from dashboard in a future release ) ? :)
If you're sending hundred of thousand of emails each months, extracting the logs won't be an easy task, it has to be done from command line most likely, so what you need is to create a console command in mailwizz, just like the one for send-campaigns for example, and make that export the data you want. Most likely you will need a dev to help you export write that command.
From our side, we consider this to be very specific, so i don't add it to the app.

You can explain us in details what you need it to export and what, and if it's simple enough, we can write the code for you, but only if it's simple, otherwise, please get a dev on board.
Ok, thanks for your reply.
I’ve solved with my script to export all necessary data.
In the next day i’ll add the output in my customer dash as new menu item