How to execute the campaign by Sending Now!


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I designed the campaign and scheduled to send the emails to all subscribers. But the system doesn't sent the email, I'm not sure where I made mistakes.

Is there any option to "SEND NOW" the email.?

Can anyone help how to find the issue.?
@dev - Did you sent campaigns in the past and they worked and now this is the only one with issues?
You can schedule the campaign in the past, like 1 day ago to force it send immediatly, that is, if your cron jobs are all set as they should.
this is the first campaign.

Updated the Campaign and this message appeared.
"Your campaign(regular) named "Mail Campaign" has been successfully saved and will start sending at 3/18/17, 7:00 AM!"

The cron Job Page looks like this
Do you find it good enough ?