How to exclude 'unsubscribe link' click tracking from the analytics of Campaign (clicks)?


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I have facing a small issue with campaign analytics. Mailwizz is tracking the unsubscribe clicks as unique campaign clicks. Is there any way, we can avoid/stop unsubscribe link tracking.? It should only track the links other than the unsubscribe button/link.

I have used AWS Pinpoint before and they have an option to 'stop unsubscribe link tracking' using this tag ses:no-track (<a ses:no-track="" href="#">Unsubscribe</a>)

Can we do something like this inside Mailwizz.?

This is on our todo list for a while, we will implement such usage as soon as possible, we just have other priorities for now.
@pradeep sharma - sure, since 2.2.0, about two years ago:
[ENH] - Skip tracking URLs by adding the disable-tracking query param to the URL you want to skip, i.e: ( or
<a href="[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]?disable-tracking">Unsubscribe</a>
should work.