how to do conditions in the text from fields


Tell please how to draw a text conclusion if in the field of the user there is a certain text:
for example is a sex of the subscriber [field1] in which mail1 value how now to remove in the text of the letter the word "test" everything who in the field [fueld1] has a mail1 value, in other case to remove "test2"
so nobody has helped me, probably I have it is unclear explained.

Maybe here it will be so more clear:
as to me to make so in a letter body:
if field [FNAME] = twisted1919
that to insert the text "Hi the friend"
else - to insert the text "hi, you aren't twisted1919"

in I did so:
| [IF: {{FNAME} } =twisted1919] |Hi the friend| [ELSE] | hi, you aren't twisted1919 |[ENDIF]|

as a result in the letter there is a text which is necessary to me for certain fields.

How so to make in mailwizz?
I think the correct way is:
{% if VAR1 == 1 %} Hello {% else %} goodbye {% endif %}
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I think the correct way is:
{% if VAR1 == 1 %} Hello {% else %} goodbye {% endif %}
I have made so, but doesn't work, in the letter comes so:
{% if 1 = 1 %} Hello {% else %} goodbye {% endif %}
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I checked, the problem remained.
can you send me initial letters in which the code, through the personal message works?
I still think you haven't enabled the template engine from Backend > Settings > Campaigns > Template engine.

Here's what i tried and worked just fine for me:
{% if EMAIL == '' %} the email is the right one {% else %} this is the wrong email {% endif %}
Screenshot 2017-11-06 14.06.21.png
I use twig and work good on email but when i click on "web version" i saw the twig code.