How to Display Company URL in Email template

pradeep sharma

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Hi Twisted1919,
How can i display Company URL in Template.
i mean i dont find any Tag to insert in template.

help Required.


Hello Pradeepji,

Go to Settings > Campaigns > Template Tags

And add it to Campaign > Footer.
there's exactly one: [CAMPAIGN_URL]
You can see all your available tags by clicking on "View available tags" link above the editor when in campaign.
@pradeep sharma - Damn, i thought it's all about campaign url not company url, i've read it all wrong.
I jut took a look in the code and these are all available tags for company:
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS]'] = !empty($list->company) ? nl2br($list->company->getFormattedAddress()) : null;

$company = $list->company;
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_NAME]'] = $company->name;
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_ADDRESS_1]'] = $company->address_1;
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_ADDRESS_2]'] = $company->address_2;
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_CITY]'] = $company->city;
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_ZONE]'] = !empty($company->zone) ? $company->zone->name : null;
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_ZIP]'] = $company->zip_code;
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_COUNTRY]'] = !empty($company->country) ? $company->country->name : null;
$searchReplace['[COMPANY_PHONE]'] = $company->phone;

So there is no company url, and that is because there is no place where you would enter a company url.
I'll make sure we ammend this and next version will have a place for company url and a tag [COMPANY_URL] to reflect that field.