How to clean the mail log?


every day the send log is accumulated, I see it in the backend in the log, it loads for a long time.

I delete old unnecessary mailings - but the log for mine does not decrease. as was 1 500 0000 + and growing
How can I clean it?
I understand correctly that quotas are updated when cleaning magazines? You in another branch answered that yes, the answer is higher that no
Don't mix the delivery server logs with campaign delivery logs, these are two different things, as explained everywhere in these threads.
I have one hell of a shoe, they often come back, but sometimes it happens and no .. Everything is not working for me ..
one user had three readings today. 5320 then 12 letters now 16765 ... Something is wrong with me .. :)))

it may be that my memory is not enough. and because of this glitches. 50 mailings of 100,000 subscribers for me, for example - 4GB of memory.

I really don’t know what to think anymore .. All your recommendations and values are ignored by my program.
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