How to assign a SPECIFIC delivery server to a list?


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Hi Mailwizzers,
I'm trying to get more control over which of my several delivery servers is being used by which list.
Basically I'd like to achieve this:
  • List A => ONLY uses delivery server A
  • List B => ONLY uses delivery server B
  • List C => ONLY uses delivery server C
These 3 lists need to reside within the SAME user so that subs can be moved between them.
Any suggestions?
Cheers! :)
@SteveSJ - You can assign delivery server to campaigns not to list, but since you assign the list to campaign it should do what you are after.
@laurentiu - that would be terrific, but I can't find that option :(
Where is it hiding? On the Details, Setup, Template or Confirmation tab of the campaign?
Btw, I'm using campaign type 'Autoresponder'.

@SteveSJ - You need to enable form backend - customers - servers - Can select delivery servers for campaigns * and then in customer area on Setup steep you can select delivery server.