How to add own OAuth Server


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Hello i got my owh OAuth Server. But i din't work with Yii Framework before ..
Can you tell me how i add Oauth Client to MailWizz ?
Which files to edit

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I want to add a OAuth2 Client to the application ...
I got my own OAuth2 Server (based on
With non framework applications ..on my server i add a link that calls my oauth2login.php on the application server and accomplish the oauth tokens handling with this php and if successfull i set the session data and auto log in the user

So i want to do the same with your app ... but i don't know how to add a OAuth Client to the Yii framework ..
i tried with what i read here
and here

but when i try to add yii2-authclient

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist yiisoft/yii2-authclient "*"

i get alot of erros .. is there no other way ?

i just want to authenticate with my own oauth server

please give me some adives
thank you very much !
Our app is yii1, so that package won't work because it is for yii2.
Here's the thing, have a look at /apps/customer/controllers/GuestController.php where we auth customers.
You can simply create your own controller where you direct user after they get your oauth token and based on that token find them in mailwizz and auth them. The GuestController.php file contains all the info you need to automatically auth someone.