How to add another email validation service?


To validate the emails I am using by exporting the list from mailwizz, uploading it on my zerbounce account, export it from there, import it to mailwizz. Any Idea how I can automate this to work with their API?
@adamx - it's not that complicated, code wise, to take an existing extension that does email cleaning, and make it do the same for other service. I bet you can easily find developers to do this.
hi @twisted1919 i am using for email validation. i need to know how i can integrate with mailwizz. and how to use mailwizz api to integrate with . if you have any proper api documentation please give me the link
@lidia - the way it works is that you create an extension in mailwizz, and that extensions talks to the service via the service api, so you actually just need that service api.
hi @twisted1919 i am trying to upload testing extension from my backend accound. when i was hit the button to upload extension after that my site is not working.i am trying to reopen my site it shows an error your site is currently unable to handle this request