How to activate a translation for the D&D template builder?



I translated and put my fr.js file to /public_html/apps/common/extensions/email-template-builder/assets/languages.
After that (the defaut language of the App is french) the builder is still displaying in english...
Thanks a lot for your help :)
Kind regards, Laurent.
Another last thing please :
I just finished all the translations to french for the frontent/backend and 2 extensions (backup manager & support-tickets) of the latest version of MailWizz.
But before publishing it (.zip for absolutly free download) on the forum, I would like to complete the whole D&D builder translation perfectly.
To translate the builder I started from the en.js file but it seems that this file is incomplete ?
Please have a quick look at the attachments (screenshots 1 & 2) : I would like to know how (or where) I can translate the other red strings of english language you'll see there.

Thanks a lot for your help :)
Best Regards, Laurent


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Ok, then I'll publish it soon and even if there is always some english, it will be all right for french users "as is".
Many thanks for your fast reply :)
Regards, L.O