How the CDN feature works in MW? - Detail working required


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We could see CDN feature has been added at different places in MW at backend.
  • /backend/settings/cdn and
  • Individual Groups
Need explanation about how these work for the end customer?
Does implementing at /backend/settings/cdnwill speed the application loading at customer end?
If the base application is on https connection then how Amazon Cloudfront CDN can be incorporated?
@Ankit - If you add your CDN subdomain is backend/settings then it will also be used for customers area. Customer groups can add their own cdn subdomain for customisation purposes, but that's totally optional.
There's no difference into using the app in http or https mode, it will work either way without issues.
Yes, that's what will happen, application assets will be loaded from cdn afterwards.
Keep in mind that each CDN will ask you for some proper htaccess rules so that fonts will be rendered properly, just read their docs.