How Do You See a List Of Recent Sent Messages?

Alex Read

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I'm trying to find a time of any recent sent messages to subscribers?

I'm worried the autoresponders are not firing.

I can see that an autoresponder has been scheduled but is there any way to know if the emails have actually gone out?


Is what I've found but I have no idea if emails are actually going out. (i.e. it might be scheduled but there might be no people in the segment, the list might be finished, etc)
In the your emails list, in the subscribers list area, each subscriber has a button which shows all the campaigns it received.
@twisted1919 - I assume this is the screen.
All Subscribers.jpg

BUT there are 10K subscribers. Some will only get an email in 2 weeks. How do I know which one to check to see if they got an email?

I'm trying to find a way to see what was the last set of emails that were sent. Like an email sent log for an account. (So I can see autoresponders are actually sending emails) - just because an AR has been scheduled doesn't mean it's sent anything. The list could be empty, a custom field might not have been filled in (like in the other thread), etc.