How do you avoid spam traps in customers old lists


I am just wondering how do you avoid spam traps and avoid being listed in RBLs when a new customer brings in a list which is quite old or has many custom professional domains with mail servers using heavily rbl e.t.c.

Sending first time very slowly ans spreading the send across many days can help? Rotating ip's can help? I read that sending using many ip's is a sign of spam.
At the same time i wonder how big esp even use their own domain in tracking links and dkim and avoid being listed. How do they manage.
Is it just a matter of blocking dangerous recipient domains and building a big blacklist with experiences from previous campaigns?
In order to fight that i am setting up customer sto use as much as i can their own domain and tracking links. In this way i have found that the customers domain will get blocked but even this is still a problem.

I have found that MX lookup can help bringing to surfaceemail servers that are known to use rbl alor e.t.c. But what do you do? do you silently discard messages to those destinations that you know will hurt yours or customers reputation?

How do you overcome these hurdles in 2023? And yes we do use email verification services before sending first time but it is not enough.
Thank you for your suggestions
Or you can run it through a good and affordable cleaning service and also get rid of the spam traps, known complainers, bounces etc.