How do I override the default from name/email to match the delivery server's from name/email?


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Say I have 10 servers. Each with a different From Name and a Email address. I create a group that uses all 10 server. I have a customer account associated with that group.

When I log into the customer account, is there a way for me to use all 10 servers at the same time, but change the default sender (from and from email address) to the one that matches the server?

At the campaign level, I want to set:
  • The sender from name to: [DS_FROM_NAME]
  • The sender email address to: [DS_FROM_EMAIL]

However, I can't do this. It forces me to use a from name and from email and I don't want to do this. I want it to revert to the delivery server's from name and from email.

How would I go about doing this?
@dagon - There's a good reason why those fields in campaign don't accept tags.
Your only option is in the delivery server, to set Force FROM to Always (the default) and this will force same email address in all campaigns where this delivery server is used.
The FROM Name is a bit problematic as this is always inherited from the campaign settings.
Wished we could set a FORCE FROM NAME on the delivery server side so this could overwrite campaign settings.
@hipnodepr - can you give us a use case?

To be able to send 30K+ emails per day, we need to have multiple servers, domains and emails. To be safe we're limiting each email to send a maximum of 500 emails per day, and each domain only have 1 email associated so if a domain is blacklisted, we can easily replace it without it impacting multiple emails. So, since there's no email rotation in MailWizz but there is delivery server rotation, each delivery server equals one domain with one email. This way, we can control perfectly the amount of email sent per email per day, and have MailWizz rotate through these domain/emails.

That being said, each email of each domain have a different alias. For example domain #1 (which is delivery server #1) will have the alias/name Tom ( This means, that when I am sending an email with domain #1, it is sending as Tom, and in the signature it will have the sign off as Tom. In domain #2 (which is also delivery server #2), the name associated will John (such as So, as the servers are rotating, it's changing the email address, the domain, and also the name of the person it is sending from.

Now, MailWizz has an option to overwrite the FROM emails when setting it to Always, and same thing for the Reply-To email. So, when you create a campaign, if both of these options to force the delivery servers are set at Always, it will replace the FROM and Reply-To email in the campaign. This means that even if I set the campaign FROM as, this email will be replaced by the email address of the delivery server as it is set as always forcing the FROM of the delivery server.

The issue comes from the fact that it will replace the FROM and the Reply-To but not the Name. So, if the Name of the sender is set to Bob in the campaign, when rotating, it will not be replaced by the Name that was set in the delivery server. This will cause the sender's name to be Bob, but then the email will be signed off as Tom or John for example. Not only this will cause lots of confusion, but it will also show lots of red flags in terms of genuinity/authenticity of the email.

For that reason, if we have the option to Force FROM, having the option to Force Name in the delivery server would be crucial to keep a certain consistency in the senders' details.

Let me know if it is clear enough and it you have any questions @twisted1919.

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@hipnodepr - Thank you, this makes perfect sense. I'll make sure to include this feature. We're wrapping up v2.3.8 so I don't know how realistic it is to include this in the next release, but for sure it will be in 2.3.9.