How can we remove the inactive subs from our account?

Alex N

New Member

I was wondering how it is possible to remove the inactive subs...

For example, those who have been added before 30 days
that haven't opened since the last 30 days.

I was trying to find such segmentation rules in Mailwhizz but couldn't find any...

Any ideas?
Let's consider the people who registered last week but who have never received any newsletter yet; they will be sent to the 'inactive' list whereas they might not be inactive. Please rework on this development adding precise dates for example: inactive people since 2016-08-31 back to 2016-06-01. Thanks
have not checked recently, can subs be moved automatically into another AR for re-engagement?
Currently only View, Export, Confirm, Disable, Unsubscribe, Blacklist and Delete are only possible as actions.
If you can add Move and Copy to these actions, then it will become more powerful feature.
To add to this (old) thread, can we select multiple campaigns when we choose one under the "This Campaign" filter step? Getting rid of inactive subscribers is not really helpful if we can only select a single campaign at a time.