How can I enable subscription payments


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Hello guys. How I can enable subscription payments from PayPal or Stipe and MailWizz?
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PayPal subscriptions
1. From Admin console -> Extend -> Extensions
2. From the list select and enable - Payment gateway - Paypal
3. Then select the eye icon and enter your Paypal email address associated to your Paypal account.
4. Choose your Mode either sandbox for testing or Live

Note monthly recurring subscriptions is not available yet, but will be soon hopefully.

For Stripe you will need to purchase the extension.
@kattapug thank you very much for your response. So with Stripe addon, I will be able to offer recurring payments? I saw on Stripe Dashboard, that I can create a subscription payments.
@twisted1919 , will it be possible to disable your code for recurring payments? We have built our own plugin for it that works in our very special setup.
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Awesome. Ok, we will have that (recurring based on payment gateways' setups) as an option too.