How can I change the subject line of the welcome email?

Thanks, but that didn't answer my question. Perhaps you could consider adding the ability to edit the subject lines of welcome emails in a future release.
You can't change it, just untick welcome email then setup first follow up email campaign.. Thats how i change first welcome email title.
@twisted1919 Hello guys, I am very proud user of mailwizz :) I am jumping in the conversation to mention that few customers reported having this message in the email subjects for the registration confirmation emails and password reset: "wer're sorry to see you go".
That's verry annoying indeed as people get confused really fast and don't subscribe in many cases!


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@Franck Adil Koumba - The only instance by default where that wording appears is in the unsubscribe lists, so i am not sure how it end up in the account confirmation email.
So have a look in Backend > Settings > Email Templates and see if by any chance you have added the wording there.