Hourly rate per delivery server


Again, Again a thread.:D

Is it possible to set an hourly rate for each delivery server somehow?

Atm, I've got 5 different delivery servers. One of them is my own which is currently in warmup process and can't just turn it up (as you of course know)

But I want to send an Email to my other (big) list through the other delivery servers. But I can't seem to find any solution to set an individual hourly rate pr delivery server. Is it possible to somehow "group" servers(As I can with customers) or something?

The four others are some big ESP I've connected. I've set the hourly rate in Customers -> Groups. (I set my self as a customer)
@Emil - Each delivery server has fields for hourly / daily and monthly quotas, so use that.
quota = rate in this case ;)
Wow, I totally missed that while setting them up.

Currently set to 0 for unlimited on all external SMTP's.

Does it override the settings in Customer groups?