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Hi Everyone
Im new here and new to the software which is fantastic btw but i currently have a question/issue.

I'll try to explain best i can so please bear with me.

On my panel my aim is to have 2 types of packages/plans.
1) Monthly subscribers - which is all setup and ready to go
2) Yearly subscribers - this is where im having my issues.

So the aim for my yearly subscribers is to set them a maximum quota of lets say for example 150k per month that they are allowed to send each month and when they hit that quota they aren't allowed to send anymore for that month until it resets at the end of the month, however the problem is that there is nowhere on Mailwizz for me to set a customer up for the year.
So the aim is
They purchase a year subscription with 150k max sending quota >> then if they hit that quota they arent allowed to send anymore until it resets at the end of the month (yes i know these options are available and ive set that up) >> however after a year has ended i wanted them then to go into another group that i have made called expired users but there is no way to do that unless i set a reminder for each customer on my calendar and manually add them to that group which will be a pain lol so any suggestions?
Hello Andy,

You can try this way if it fulfill your idea.

In Customer Group you can set how much he can send in a year like 120k per year.

Now, Assigned a Delivery Server and set there Monthly Sending limit like 10k per month.

There is option in Customer Group - Sending - Action when quota reached - move customer into a specific group.
Hi Vpul
Thanks for the reply,
Yes i saw the action when quota released but my issue with that would be that if i moved the customer to a different group then how would i get the customer back into my main group at the start of each month
Hi Andy,

If you set a sending quota monthly limit then you don't need to move it next group. Because Delivery server will automatically start when its monthly quota limit over.
That is great but that will work for one customer as a set limit of x amount, what if we have many on the same package (in the same group) and the server is set to 60k, once that limit is reached by user 1 and user 2 on the same package would be cut off too. How do I get it to work for multiple users on the same package ( Delivery server)
Then why don't you make seperate Delivery server for each customer ? It will not take more than 5 min to add a new DS.