help with chargebee integrations to mailwizz billing system.


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Hello guys,

I used chargebee couple years ago with mailwizz, where I disabled settings>monetization. and added custom page on the client area, "upgrade" where clients can choose plan and pay for recurring subscription, and an other custom page on the admin area, "Attention", this page was like a notification center, each time some one place order, will receive a notification there and approve it manually change the group. subscription was on ChargeBee and clients subscribe/cancel on mailwizz (connected with API), they also can upgrade/downgrade/cancel, and will receive email once upgrade/downgrade/cancel/credit card expiring soon/invoice reminder..etc can be edited on ChargeBee

I'm looking for someone to help me integrate mailwizz with chargebee but in a little bit different way:

Keep settings>monetization enabled. and from customer area clients can choose a price-plans> select plan (or cancel plan)> select gateway> . Inside a form linked with chargebee - API - Then proceed with payment. Clients can view order history as well as the admin.

I still have some old files of the old integration.

Thank you very much.