Help setting up Redis

Jose Vega

Hi, I need someone who knows redis very well and can guide me through the set up process. I wont give access to my server due to security reasons. But I can share my screen with you during the process and you can guide me step by step giving me the commands to run, etc.

Anyone interested? tell me your hourly rate and the estimated time we need..

You might as well try installing it yourself using this guide, if you are installing on same server as MW just go straight to the section after adding the redsmin IP address to APF.

Doing an install whilst just watching someone's screen and telling them which commands to run will take at least twice as long and troubleshooting any issues virtually impossible.

As for the security issues you could just create a user with SSH access and root and then delete the user, anyone wanting to do your system harm could just tell you to run various commands saying they are for the redis install.