help me with email automation


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Hi All,

I want to segment list by date and each day i will add new data to same list with next date, so what i want is can mailwizz send that new added data automatically, if i add new data to same recurring campaign (which send campaign every day automatically on specific time.) Or can it send the remaining unopened data from same list automatically everyday.

Please help
That's totally possible.
Just create a segment which targets the date column and you use [PAST_DAYS_1] as the value of the condition:
Screenshot 2019-06-12 19.14.56.png
Then create a recurring campaign which sends each day and which targets this segment.

Click the INFO icon like you see in above screenshot in order to check more tags that can be used as values.

Thanks for your response, just one more help if i want to learn all this segmentation tags and more about mailwizz more advance functions. So how can i do it is there any platform where i can do that.
@Endgame - we don't have a step by step for the entire application because it's just too big, but you can search the forums and if no hints ask your questions like you did, and we will answer. Next time when someone with same issue, the answer will be here.