Have good extension idea? Join with couple people and pay fraction of a cost!


Hi there John Doe :)

We can develop ANY extension for MailWizz(we are currently doing one for Elon, it will send out campaign to stock holders each time SpaceX rocket successfully lands back j/k).

So what I suggest is that if you have good extension idea, group up with fellow email marketers and you can split the cost of developing such extension so you end up paying low $$$ to get high end extension which can sky rocket your sales if idea is good.

Just friendly suggestion, anyway if you have anything good, post below, find someone else interested, group up and contact me on skype ipoli263 so I can do it for you!

what is the average cost of the expansion?
for example, I want to receive a delivery status (block / spam or delivery) from the postal service and perform certain actions with the server, for example, disconnect or enable it.