Has something change with link clicks

Brian Jones

New Member
When I first tested I was able to track links that were clicked and received an email after the campaign was finished...

Not sure why but this has stopped working now even though both options are turned on before sending

Is there another setting I may have changed to over rule this..?
@Brian Jones - No other setting, just the one from the campaign area. What happens when you click a tracking link? or is it not generated at all and all the links are without tracking ?
Campaign #1 sent, 100% sure links were clicked = Stats for links clicked WERE updated and email received

Campaign #2 sent, 100% sure links were clicked = No stats for links clicked and no email when finished

Campaign #3 (same settings) I WAS receiving details on which links were clicked but stopped the campaign manually so have to re-test

All links generate fine and take me to the location and all other settings are the same

Was updating a lot and setting things up so too many variables to find an issue so going to test a few things over the next few days