Handle Bounces Amazon SES


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Hello i have just bought, configured MailWizz and Amazon SES.
I made a test send and all work fine, but bounces are not handled inside MailWizz.
On the test List there was 2 fake email and on the report Mailwizz write Bounces 0

Amazon SES i correctly configured as the video, with PowerUserAccess policy


I configured Amazon SES WITHOUT Email Receving, is that the problem?

thanks for support
Augusto, I don't think the functionality is entirely dependent on the IAM settings, what do you have set up under notifications in the SES Console?

The notifications are the SNS topics you set up in Amazon SNS, and then you came back to the domain settings and chose the appropriate SNS topic.

(Even if I'm wrong, it would be a good idea to confirm these settings until someone else comes along that knows better than me - however, I lost this functionality recently, and had to go back and re-set the Bounce & Complaint Notifications)

Go to SNS - you will find some links.

Check that is working or not.

Also check that on SES dashboard - it shows no of bounce.
On the SES Dashboard there are the 2 bounces (previsly tested)

On the SNS i don't know how it works... yes there is something


Anyone can help me? There are some demo video how to configure?

MMM no the URL is not working, i switched from https:// to http:// the domain where i installed Mailwizz
Now i created another record, that url on http now work i tested it


now? :D

is your URL https to http is final now ?

If yes.

Then remove this aws api delivery server and then create a new delivery server.

Then test with demo campaign.
https is the final

Ok deleted, created a new delivery server Amazon SES API, server mail verified and now i see another record on Amazon SNS


Send demo email campaign (with 2 fake emails), but the final report write:

Processed 8
Sent with success 8
Sent success rate 100%
Send error 0
Send error rate 0%
Unique opens 0
Unique open rate 0%
All opens 0
All opens rate 0%
Bounced back 0
Bounce rate 0%
Hard bounce 0
Hard bounce rate 0%
Soft bounce 0
Soft bounce rate 0%

Unsubscribe 0
Unsubscribe rate 0%
Click through rate 0
Total urls for tracking 3
Unique clicks 0
Unique clicks rate 0%
All clicks 0
All clicks rate 0%

Bounce are not hanldes inside MailWizz, i can view the bounces on AMazon Statistics
I see something on MailWizz on MISCELANEOUS -> CAMPAIGN BOUNCE LOGS
bounces are listed and i can see "blacklisted" on the Customer list!!! it works!