Group hourly limits


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we set on the group a limit for email/hr.
works but when reach the quota the campaign doesn't restart automatically when reset quota
Is a bug?
@Niko - it's not a bug, it's just you're setting a hourly limit in groups and the groups where designed for other things, like assign the guy 1M emails/month, then when the guy renews it, reset that limit.
Again, for hourly limits, the best way to do it is from delivery server settings...
Ok but i don't understand why that functionality exist on the group but do not works, if the logic is the same for 1 month why not works for 1 hr? What do u suggest to create 1 server delivery for each client is not useful as logic, that can limit several groups but not a single client.
anyway is it possible limit a user to send more of 1 campaign in the same time?
this is why i suggested a flow chart for the
app logic
incl the
sending logic
so that all settings and their consequences becomes clear
(it is after all a great app and would benefit from such charts)