Google Ad Manager 1x1 tags and Mailwizz

One of our clients wishes to use Google Ad Manager 360 tracking codes set as 1x1 "tags" on ads it is running in one of our weekly eletters. However, I'm at a loss about how to co-ordinate the tag set-up with Mailwizz, and even whether it is possible to do this. I don't mind paying for custom coding to achieve the results. (We have a Google Ad Manager Small Business Account which works well for trafficking and tracking ads on our website -- the issue is the eletter.)

See a reduced size screen shot of the "workbook" provided by the client?

Can anyone suggest a solution?

tag sheet.jpg


Staff member
What is your actual question?
I see you have a click tag, by its name, I assume you can use that for when customers click links in the email template, so you set that as the href attribute of the link.
I also see you have some image tags as well, those can only be used when the email is loaded and they will all trigger when the email is opened.