going from unlimited subscribers to limited package

Sandor K

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hi guys,

I am offering free account with unlimited subscribers but 4000 emails / month and a client uploaded around 100.000 addresses. now the client bought a subscription for up to 50.000 subscribers and unlimited e-mails.
I changed the group, the subscribers limit is on (100000/50000) 100%, so now the customer ends up with 100.000 addresses with unlimited emails?

how can i fix this?


There's pretty much nothing to fix, your customer changed the plan when he already had a high number of subscribers, that's the reason why it shows like this now. The alternative would have been to simply delete a bunch on the subscribers so that he complies with the new group limit, which wouldn't have been nice, would it ? :)
how the billing is handled on that case for @Sandor K ESP?

i have a feeling that this is what he wants to know as well

btw @Sandor K why offering unlimited Subscribers on your ESP? i would be interested to hear your thoughts
Yep that is correct. I just emailed the client that the account will be suspended automatically by the system if.. He was ok with it and quckly deleted the subscribers over 50k.

Yes the billing is an issue as im using paypal subscription and i need to do everything manually. I'm want to set up a script with paypal IPN and change the group on subscription but i didn't have time for it yet.

The reason why im offering unlimited subscribers on free account, as they upload everything they have but the email limit is 4000 so they will upgrade to bigger package according to their subscribers. Only this client decided to go below :)

I would be very pleased to hear a better idea for billing as the way i do is quite difficult and they need to wait until i confirm and change their group.