Michael Wilding

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Since updating to the latest version of MailWizz, we seem to be getting a lot of requests from this site, which I'd never heard of before. I know of someone else having the same issue, who also had never heard of them until this update.

Is there something that may have caused this?

What's frustrating is that they're manual requests sent to the FROM email, rather than them clicking on the unsubscribe link.
Hi Michael,
I get the same requests. It seems its a new service where people sign up, and get an extra folder with hotmail, gmail etc called Unsubscribe.
All emails moved to the unsubscribe folder will automatically send an unsubscribe email to the domain owner of the newsletter requesting them to be unsubscribed. There is not much to do about it, other than unsubscribe them by request. :)
An update on this. You should try and forward these emails to another email account and then process them using an email box monitor from there, that way there can be no mistakes in processing.