Geo opens show nothing.


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@viniciusdl - Make sure you go to Backend > Locations > MaxMind DB ( /backend/index.php/maxmind/index ) and you add the maxmind database, then in time, you will see lots of data there.

i experience the same issue. I have uploaded GeoLite2-City.mmdb to apps/common/data/maxmind
I also enabled the plugin, and then in settings set the plugin to "enabled', and also enabled all available logging events.
Still it shows an empty page. I also checked
application.log, but it doesnt show any errors.

Thx for support in advance.

Kind regards
Hello, i investigated a bit: mw-campaign_track_open database table - column location_id is always NULL. Although the IP column is filled with an google-proxy IP, because the target email-address was a gmail address. Is there a known problem for that ?
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