Generic Questions / Warming Up IPs / New Domains


Hi !

We are a very small Web Agency and we're in the way to begin a new platform using Mailwizz and move our sendy / SES emailing clients (just 2 or 3 lists).

We already being testing MailWizz for long time, but never moved real lists in to it.

We want to use 16 cold IPs and also 4 new domains for sending email (4 IPs per domain)

We will use PMTA as MTA system, also being using it for long time to deliver almost no traffic.

So main questions regarding MailWizz are:

Can we just setup a pool in PowerMTA with 16 IPs and use one single delivery server + 1 single bounce server to send al traffic from clients and also from ourselves ?

For our clients, is it recommended to create one extra SMTP server + bounce server ?

I've read that it's better to handle the sending limitations from PMTA side than MailWizz, we will fight with that.

Thanks ;)
Hi Jota,

yes but you would need to setup that yourself within PowerMTA. One delivery server linked to PowerMTA and then PowerMTA would be the one sending the emails using the pool of IPs. As for the bounce server again you can do that, just define the Bounce Server in the Delivery Server.

Although if different clients are using this its always better to send your emails with the Sending Domain, Tracking Domain and Bounce Domain all matching to improve deliver-ability.
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Great .... got it and looks good.

Thanks a lot, after some days checking got the idea !