General error: 1114 The table 'mw_list_field_value' is full


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[error] [application] CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1114 The table 'mw_list_field_value' is full

Has anyone received this error even after resizing the servers? I was at 100% Disk usage, now down to 30%, but I still get the error. Are there limits to how large a singular list should be? I'm at 1.5M. Is there a limit to the total number of subscribers in all lists? I can't run an email delivery service if this exists. Any help would be appreciated. I shall name my firstborn after all of those who assist!


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The database server, MySQL, doesn't have a limit on the number of rows you can have in a table, BUT you need to have enough disk space in the partition where the database saves it's data.
When you get an error like the above, it means your partition is full. A full partition doesn't mean a full disk though, so check where you save your mysql data and make sure you have enough disk space there.