GDPR email to accept the privacy


Hi a client would like to send an email to all subscribers to accept the privacy according to GDPR.
The email should contain 2 buttons:
The first button would link to the unsubscribe link
The second button should send a message to the account admin saying the specific user accepted the privacy.
Is it possible to do this?
Please let me know, thanks, Carlo
@Carlo - I just sent one today, which looked very simple, like:
Hello [FIRST_NAME],<br />
<br />
We're sending you this email because you have subscribed in our email list via our website at <a href=""></a> and we would like to ask you if you still want to remain our subscriber.<br />
<br />
If you do, then please confirm this by <a href="[UPDATE_PROFILE_URL]">updating your profile</a>.<br />
If you don't want to hear from us anymore, <a href="[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]">please unsubscribe</a><br />
<br />
Have an awesome day.<br />
<br />
Regards.<br />
MailWizz Team.<br />
<br />
This email has been sent by:<br />

The thing is, in the UPDATE_PROFILE_URL you should have a consent checkbox which the subscriber should click to give you explicit consent. You also have to save the text the subscriber has agreed to.
For this, mailwizz now has a custom field type called Consent Checkbox.
We will make a release later today most likely which will include this new custom field type and you can also use it in your confirmation emails.

Thanks, I updated to the latest version and I found the UPDATE_PROFILE_URL shortocode.
The question is: how do I modify the update_profile form to add the Consent Checkbox?
Please let me know when you can, thanks, Carlo

I have upgraded and used the new Consent Checkbox and sent the newsletter.


1. How do i check who Consented?
2. How do i remove the subscribers that did not consent, or how do I send future newsletters only to the ones who consented?

1. How do i check who Consented?
You can simply create a segment to include those with consent ;)

2. How do i remove the subscribers that did not consent, or how do I send future newsletters only to the ones who consented?
Create a segment for people that did not consent, export it, then in the Bulk Action From Source section of your list, import that segment and as action select delete.
@Stefanos - Most likely [EMPTY] will do it, then you can compare with the "is" and "is not" operators.

You cant leave the value field empty, you get an form error that value can not be blank

if I use [EMPTY] as suggested in the value field, If i use "is" as the operator ( which should mean is empty value in the database ) and click on the show matching subscribers button i get "Sorry, but there are no subscribers matching your segment."

if i use "is not" as the operator and click the show matching subscribers button it does show the subscribers that have updated their profile and given consent. but there is not a way to get subscribers that have not given concent that i have found