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Ganesh Kompella

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Instead of going the traditional way and creating a Mailwhizz front end theme, we want to create a front-end website in HTML5. Give this front-end website the main URL ( and have the Mailwhiz script doing it's work at a subdomain URL (

It's pretty, simple we link the User log in and registerations pages to the Mailwhizz script and have a presentation website running at

I've been told that this is going to limit the level of customisations I could do on this script. Can someone pour some light onto this concern ?

I want to know how exactly am I facing these limitations.

Hey @Ganesh Kompella
Thanks for posting here ;)

To your question, the reason why you'll be limited is that the presentation theme will not integrate with your mailwizz app since they are on two separate spaces, but that's all, no other downside.
You can create a file called style-custom.css in /assets/css folder and place there all your CSS overrides so that you make mailwizz look more like your own presentation site.

Makes sense?
I don't know for sure, but you should be able to save the referrer website and redirect the traffic back to that one (or, even simpler, a link back just like VPul suggested). Sure if you do it the referrer way, it will probably require a plugin, yet a very simple plugin.
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