From your experiences, what is the best service provider for ( delivery server + bounce servers )


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I am happy to join you as I am new and would like advice

I am looking for the best service provider for ( delivery server + bounce servers ) api or smtp at a reasonable and low price and a guarantee that the messages reach the mail.

And the best preparation for the arrival of the message to the inbox

Messages will be used in advertisements and notifications
AWS Simple Email Service.

If amazon web services was trying to make things difficult within their platform, they certainly did a good job. If Mailwizz did not have such a good guide to adding their API as a delivery server, this would have been a shitshow. Luckily, amazon went one step further in complicating matters by putting you into what's known as "sandbox" which limits the emails sent to only verified email addresses.

Who in the god damn hell wants to send emails to email addresses that they already own?

As if this was all not enough, amazon web services makes you jump through additional hoops to get out of sandbox, the instructions of which are not all that clear (as I am finding out right now). I'm not even going to lie, this is my second account with amazon because my first got rejected when I applied to get out of sandbox. Apparently a well thought out explanation for your email needs (which was all bullshit on my part) was not enough for me to pass through the heavenly gates of their Web services.

Wish me luck, rant over.