From email assigned at campaign level replaced by default DS From email???


I really don't get it : I have a campaign with a specified "From" and "Reply to" email (they are the same)... but MW send the email with the (default) From email defined in the customer DS settings.

That doesn't make any sense to me...

Any idea of why this is happening??
I can't believe I have to search the forum like crazy to find such a BASIC thing that 100% of the MW users need to know... somehow this should be EASY TO FIND since everyone will encounter the problem.

Anyway the solution to this is:

edit your delivery server and set the "Force FROM" setting to "Never" instead of "Always"
@Benjamin A - Everything works as it does to help mailwizz users. The defaults in the app are set in the way they are to prevent issues.

For your issue, once upon the time, people could send emails from a mail server and use very very different from addresses, you know, like government addresses and so on, which lead to something called pishing/spam/etc, so then lots of smtp servers and server providers took action to not allow any address as the from address of the email, and if the address was wrong, the entire emails would be rejected.

Now, mailwizz takes the safe path and rejects this behavior from the start, otherwise you'd had bigger issues.
For people knowing their smtp server are configured in a way that allows any from address, then they can simply enable the feature from the server settings and they'd get what they are after.

As a side note, each field in the app has a tooltip, clicking the field shows the tooltip which shows valuable information about what that field does, this way you know what a feature does and whether you can use it or not.