FROM-address issues


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To start this topic, I'm posting our discussion from earlier, so we can start where we left off.


The FROM-address is keeping showing the one that is configured in the admin, instead of the one that the customer enters.

Is there a way to show the FROM-address the one that the customer enters in the campaign?

Looking forward to your reply, love this application btw.

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This is by design because most of smtps and/or 3rd-party don’t allow from spoofing anymore and will fail sending because of that.

However, if you are sure you’re allowed to do this, you can enable the FROM spoofing option by setting the option “Force FROM” to Never from your delivery server settings.

If you have any other question, please open a support ticket at

Thank you ;)

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If I choose NEVER as an option, I just get the actual email address the customer has inserted, BUT it shows the server that I’m using, like send by Sendgrid, instead of my domain where the domain is hosted, if I choose FORCE, than it shows my domain (like it should).

Why isn’t it showing my domain, if I choose NEVER, for me that would solve the problem.

I also did a comparison with other providers, like Mailerlite and Madmimi, there you can choose your own email and it shows your own email. So I’m assuming they are spoofing it somehow ?

twisted1919 AUTHOR
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I assume we’re talking about the smtp interface here, not the web api, right? Have you also tried adding a bounce server to the smtp and see how that changes the outcome?

If it’s the web API then there’s not much we can do since we send the params as they’re asking and we can’t control the way the headers will look like in the end.

Please open a support ticket at and include a few tests you have done at from mailwizz and from other mailers and i can have a look.

Thank you.