"Free Trial" setup


Okay, I feel like I'm missing something obvious, so I apologize in advance.

How do I set up a customer group that works as a "free trial" (for example, a one-month unlimited trial)?

After the free trial period is up, I want them to be forced to choose (and pay for) another option.

Help please! Thanks!


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@Nick Thacke / @OHWO - Good question!
Here's my idea for this, create a customer group called free trial and give it whatever limits you'd like, but in the sending tab, so something like:
Screenshot 2019-10-08 14.18.25.png
What this means is that the customer can send 10k emails in that 1 month, then, once the month passes, he is moved in the "No permission group" (you will have to create this, and give it absolutely no options, so the customer is forced to upgrade).


Ok, but this is still based on emails sent rather than time. And what does the “Wait for quota to expire” box mean? Shouldn’t we NOT wait for the quota to expire?


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This is amazing. I can also see a possibility to move them into new groups manually from the back-end. So until this feature is here to move after the month is over automatically, we can have a staff member manually check each day and move people to the 'no permissions group' too.