First campaign sent but it I cannot see any sign of the delivery


Hi, thanks to your great help, I sent the first campaign
Unfortunately I cannot have any proof of the delivery, and I have some doubt:
1) I was one of the recipients and I did not receive any email (and no it did not go in the spambox)
2) I do not see any bounce in the statistics, again no sign of evidence
3) the delivery was very fast, it was supposed to send 500 emails per hour but in this case stats say the delivery of almost 8.000 emails was done in a bit more than one hour!!
This is the first send, so it could be normal (but what happened of the copy of the newsletter that was supposed to be delivered to me?

Can someone please iron out my terrible doubts?
Thanks a lot, Carlo
What do you mean? The delivery server seems to work as I could successfully send some template preview.
BTW, I don't see any passage of the emails through the server, with the previous newsletter software I could but in this case I don't know where to search.
BTW, I checked mail queue and it's empty, plus during the super fast delivery I did not see any load increase on the server.
In case the delivery goes wrong, shouldn't I expect some type of error message?
@Carlo - I took a look at your app and if you look at /backend/index.php/misc/campaigns-delivery-logs or at your campaign logs at /customer/index.php/campaigns/ga295xphjh2a6/reports/delivery you will see that all your emails have the status set to GIVEUP.
This means mailwizz was not able to deliver your emails and it simply gave up on them.
This can be because you're using phpmail for sending emails, which is a very bad idea.

Is there a chance for you to use a real smtp server ?
Sorry first usage. You mean I should create a mailbox and use the mailbox credentials to send the campaign? Please confirm.
That's no problem, I just picked one of the options.
Thanks, Carlo
I think I got the concept, I am making another try, one more question: should I create a new delivery and error server for each client?
Could it be the same mailbox or should I create a new mailbox for each delivery and error server?
Thanks a lot :)
Why is this happening?
In the delivery server settings, you have a setting named "Force FROM" which is set to Always by default. You can set it to Never and try sending again. Keep in mind that in order for this to work, your smtp server must support FROM Spoofing, and nowadays not many servers allow this anymore, but try it.
First of all thanks a million, it's Sunday and you are replying to my messages, I am very impressed!
I am a bit confused, but I guess the reply to my previous question is: yes, I should create a server for each customer.
In this case I should fill the server like this using the customer data in the boxes marked in red
Is this what you meant?

Sorry but the concept of this software is so far from the one in Interspire.
I think it's pretty essential to receive the email from someone you know.
Let me know, thanks, Carlo
yes, I should create a server for each customer.
If this makes things easier for you to manage, then go for it.
If you can change your smtp config to allow FROM spoofing, then do that.
You could also use a generic email address, like and send all the emails from it.

Either way, make sure always you have a system server defined, that is, a server which is not assigned to any customer.

First of all thanks a million, it's Sunday and you are replying to my messages, I am very impressed!
You're in luck, i am waiting for some things to complete and thought it would be a good use of my time to answer some forum questions :D
I did as you suggested but I don't see the emails sent by the FROM address I set, they are all sent by the address that is the bounce address.
Is this normal? I won't stop again this campaign, so I don't need an urgent reply, but I would like to understand why the campaign is being delivered by the bounce address instead than the delivery address.
The send server was set like this
Let me know, thanks a lot, Carlo
I checked better the emails on the server are sent from but opening the email and watching the header it displays:
From: Frittelli Arte <>
Reply-To: Frittelli Arte <>

So it looks correct to me, I will judge better when I see a real email arriving.
Thanks again for the superb support and the fantastic piece of software!