Finally fixing the one faulty metric in ALL autoresponders


Hey brother! I trust that things continue to run smooth for you. :-)

I brought this up once before but don't believe I articulated it well. In EVERY autoresponder I have ever used that tracked opens and clicks, there is one major faulty metric between the two.

This first image shows three unique users opened the email:

Now this next image shows all that clicked on a link:

Notice that only one of the emails that clicked on a link, also opened the email. How is it that we had 10 unique email addresses open a link in a campaign but only one of them opened an email? The way these two metrics work together are complete flawed.

Opens obviously use a pixel based system to track metrics. The problem is that just about all modern email clients allow you to not allow external images, never triggering the pixel and the open metric.

Clicks obviously use a URL based system to track opens, a MUCH truer metric, not a lot to go wrong here.

I would suggest using the stronger metric (clicks) to backup the weaker (opens). The logic is quite simple, although I am certainly not saying the coding is. :-)

From a logic standpoint, we know that a click can certainly not come from an email that has not been opened. So as we are tracking email addresses that click, why can't we check for an open as well and if not opened, force an open for that email? That doesn't help with multiple opens BUT it does support our primary metric which is unique opens.

Again, this is an Autoresponder issue in general, they all do it wrong. But it creates bad data from step #1, I'd love to see it fixed.

I would do it slightly differently, the Open data is an absolutely piece of data and shouldn't be corrupted with information based on an assumption so I would add another item called "Viewed" based on the assumption that because a link was clicked the person must of seen it in order to do so.

Having said that, the click data tells you that anyway and what it's called isn't necessarily that important.