Filter list by non open

Paul Smith

New Member
Hi is it possible to filter a list by users that have not opened the email in a campaign. (after it has been sent.)
I have 2 custom fields setup in the list
1. Opened.
2. Not opened
when the user opens the email it adds YES to the "Opened" custom field and the "Not opened" custom filed remains blank.
When i try to create a segment based on "not opened" it finds no users because there is no data in the field even though the filter is Field = "not opened" operator = "is not" and value = "YES"

This should return thousands of users because the "not opened" field is empty. If i edit a user and add the word "NO" into the custom field then the filter works, so it looks like the field must have data in it to work.

If this is the case then how do i filter the list to show all users with nothing in custom field " not opened"
Hi Twisted1919,
I did that and it returns no results, it looks like if there is no data in the field it returns no result. I think this may be a bug.