File is too large. Its size cannot exceed

Jesse James

Hey guys,

Hope you're doing very well.

Well. sometimes when I try to upload an extiention or lists
I get this error.

  • The file "" is too large. Its size cannot exceed 2097152 bytes.
I did some research on how to rise the limit on Apache Machine. but I did not dig deeper. so I thought I could post here for some quick help

Thank you very much. I really appreciated.

you should edit php.ini, you'll find string max_upload_size = 2M or something else, just change it to 200M
if you can not find out where is this php.ini file, just try to find it by
find / -name "php.ini"
on my server it's in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
For future reference you can find all your PHP settings and the location of the .ini from:

Backend > Miscellaneous > PHP Info
Hi, I am having the same problem after updating to the new version of Mailwizz.
I changed the php.ini size from 2MB ot 32MB but still getting this error message
The file "list2011.csv" is too large. Its size cannot exceed 1048576 bytes.
Any suggestion on how to fix this error?