feedbackloop processing

João Reis

I have notice 2 things about feedbackloop processing using SMTP:
1 - If I run a external script to automatically unsubscribe the complained message (that runs faster than the mailwizz feedbackloop routine), mailwizz won't count it as a abuse complaint in the statistics. That's ok for me, now I skip mailwizz unsubscribe links in my script and can have this important information in the clients dashboard.
2 - mailwizz can't process hotmail feedbackloop. Can it be implemented? Is it because of the message format (image attached)

Thanks in advance.


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I have more than 200 messages from hotmail as feedback loops, all of them was read but when i check none of them was processed and all emails in feedback loops are conformed and none of them was unsubscribed.
Yahoo and other FBL are working only hotmail is not.
could you please look into it and let us know solution?
I start receiving feedback loops emails from hotmail in original format and email subject is exactly original email and email from is also from my domain with same body of message.
even emails was read but subscriber was not unsubscribe from list.
Yahoo, OpenSRS, emails are working perfect.
but hotmail is not working.
now in email from hotmail I have bellow headers
X-HmXmrOriginalRecipient: <>
X-Mw-Subscriber-Uid: xj529vmnatp5b
X-Mw-Campaign-Uid: ho976bd3x7192
List-Id: ab244ftfqgv91 <xxxxx>
X-Mw-Subscriber-Uid: xj529vmnatp5b
X-Mw-Campaign-Uid: ho976bd3x7192
Mailwizz needs just these two headers, so it should work just fine, like the others are working, so i am not sure exactly what advice to give you at this point :-s
Hello @twisted1919,
sorry to bring this again and again but hotmail feedback loops are not working.
its been 2 days MW is reading hotmail feedback loops, removing them from mailbox but not doing any action.

I have been watching this vary closely. could you please check and fix this.