Feedback loop and spam complaints

Jesse James

Hey guys,

I want to know how MailWizz process spam complaints, I want to add a form where users can Report Abuse manually,
and I want to create a new theme that user will be able to see the number of spam complaints they got per campaign, just like this:

can you please tell me how MailWizz process the Abuse Reports, and can you please help me accomplish this new theme ?

Thank you very much for your help

(your image doesn't load)

I guess an abuse form would not be such a hard thing to add in the core of the app for future and maybe we should actually have it in the core after all.

I am not sure at this point as how this is going to work in relation to website administrators and the customers from which the subscribers did the complaint. Should we notify both, or the main administrators?

I'm open to suggestions for it.

Thank you for your response,
yes, I want the users (clients) to be able to see the Abuse complaints per campaign.
like when they send a campaign on the report page they should be able how many Abuse Complaints they generated for that campaign.

And on the admin area, the admin should be able to see the total of Abuse Complaints the users (Clients) generated on all their campaigns.
Okay, that makes sense.

Is that all related to this feature? Because once i start working on it, i won't take any new things into consideration, so now is the time in case there's something else you think about the feature :)

That's pretty much it, is there anyway you can add the email that report abuse to the global BlackList ? i mean like the hard bounces, if any other clients try to import that email (who report abuse) to their lists, it will fail, cause it's on the Blacklisted Email. :)
Thank you very much
That's pretty much it, is there anyway you can add the email that report abuse to the global BlackList ? i
We can add this as an option in admin panel.
It wouldn't be nice to have an abuse report for a customer and blacklist an email address for other customers too where there has been no abuse report from that particular email address.
I understand.
On the admin area I want to see the total of abuse complaints generated by each user on all their campaigns.
On the clients area I want them to see how many abuse complaints they generated for each campaign (like the bounce reports for each campaign), that how I can easily know which user is sending spam.
Didn't start the work on it just yet, working on another request for now (i'm the only developer, takes some time :p )
i would also like to see this feature show a count for spam complaints (fbls) on a per message(campaign) basis, and have a running count of how many complaints a customer has generated vs how many emails they have sent.

Eventually i'd like to see a 'complaint management' area of the backend where we can see stats related to how many complaints have been generated, by what customers, by what ips, etc etc. this would really help ESP owners manage their deliverability. Specifically those of us who run our own servers.