Faster sending?

Carst Komdeur

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So we sometimes send out 30.000 mails.
We do this with SparkPost. Which seems to work fine.

Unfortunately the sending process is very slow.
We work with 1 sending server. Which is SparkPost.
I can see some tips on the Knowledgebase and all settings seem to be correct.

Is there anyone who can give us some tips and maybe some screenshots of sending settings pages that can help us speed up the sending process?
Reading on the forum people get alott higher sending rate but ours is pretty low and will take ages to send out the 30.000 mails....not minutes but longer then a day.
The problem does not seem to be the server since we are using SparkPost, SparkPost says we can send alott faster then we do now.
So there must be someting wrong in our settings which causes this.

Any tips are welcome.

I added screenshots of current settings. Hope this helps.


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@Carst Komdeur - They seem high to me.
1000 subscribers at once is a lot when you have 15 campaigns and 15 batches in parallel.
I'd go more with 300 subscribers at once, 5 campaigns in parallel and 30 subscriber batches in parallel.

Can you please also advice on settings like:
Emails per minute
Send at once

This week we send another batch out and will check with ssh if we can find out anything.
When all settings are changed we hope to see a better sending process.

Thanks for your help :)
@Carst Komdeur - Unfortunately there is no magic method which i could suggest since it depends on so many factors. best is to simply increase the sending settings gradually and see how they behave.
Remember, mailwizz performs better with lots of batches but small counts of subscribers at once.
Hello again :)

We tried the debug send-campaigns command.
I added a small part of the log in the uploaded file.

To me it seems the connection to sparkpost isn't really quick and it takes at least 2 seconds for a mail to send.
Can you please look at this and confirm this or maybe have an idea of what else can go wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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Overwriting the files did not solve the problem.
We are still sending with 20 / 30 mails per minute.

Any more tests we can do to find the cause or anything you can do to help us?
It costs us alott of time already with no solid solution. I hope you can help us solve the issues once and for all.

It costs us alott of time already with no solid solution.
This is why you are better off hiring an expert, if you want to save time.

I hope you can help us solve the issues once and for all.
In some situations, there is no other "solution" than to change the delivery server (DS), since some have only one global injection point and your server is located far away (i.e. huge ping time). If you are flexible, there is usually a way (e.g. DS change or move to another host close to your injection point).