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Working with email marketing lists several companies have from 100,000 to 500,000 emails.

Currently I am sending emails can I send by mandrillapp that up to 500,000 emails per hour. Although I have one account per customer so this does not limit me.

The issue is that I get to send you a one year and I take to ship about 4 hours, when I wish that were sent in an hour.

How I can do this?


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Can you be more specific about how many emails you are sending in those 4 hours ?
Also, a bit of info about your server and mailwizz version would help a lot.


my server is no problem, now I have 8 cores, 32 GB of ram and 3 120gb ssd disks, but can extend it if necessary or get more.

on the version, is the peniultima 1.3.4, even I have to update this.

Yesterday I made a shipment of 62,000 emails and it takes four hours, now I'm sending 30,000 emails and takes 1 hour
Well, if you ask me those numbers aren't that bad given that it's just one campaign and php isn't multithreaded.
Have you ever tried this or this ?
Anyway, i think you will get more emails pushed at once if you will send more campaigns at once, so if splitting your list in a few smaller ones is an option, then you can split those 60k into 3 lists of 20k and have them all sending at once, case in which i am pretty sure will be sent in one hour.

Not sure if you are using 1.3.4 or, but in either case, you should update.


i dont try this, i try now :) thanks!!

but, split the list dont is a option, i dont say my clients this :(

i use ^^

i test this and comment