exported CSV ignores non-ASCII characters


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I need to tidy up a list that is a messy amalgamation of several international feeds - many containing special European characters such as accents, Spanish and German special letters etc. I exported the CSV and was rather shocked when I realised all those special characters having converted to ASCII.

How can I export a readable CSV that honours all characters corectly?
Can you take a look into database and see if there the characters show correctly and they don't show their entities instead ?
Not sure about the issue given that everything is really kept utf8 everywhere.
You could try the following, open the file apps/customer/controllers/List_exportController.php and at line 195 you have:
fputcsv($fp, array_values($subscriberData), ',', '"');
make it:
fputcsv($fp, array_map('utf8_encode', array_values($subscriberData)), ',', '"');
Maybe this will have an effect.
Unfortunately that made no difference. Special characters still come out garbled, even though they look fine in the MySQL database. That includes quotation marks.