Explanation Of Campaign Status

Doug K

I need to understand what each of the statuses mean for my campaigns. I have an 8 email (campaign) Auto Responder Series. All my campaigns (email messages) currently say "pending sending" is this correct. I'm a new user so still learning your system. Thank You.

- Draft
- Pending-Sending
- Sending
- Sent
- Processing
- Paused

Doug K
Hey Doug,

Let's see:
Draft - Is when your campaign is still not ready for sending and you can still chance the campaign as you wish.
Pending-Sending - It means the campaigns waits for the cron job to pick it up and start sending it.
Sending - It means the campaign is in sending process, but does not actually sends any email, simply waits its turn so that the cron job picks it up.
Processing - Emails are actually being processed and sent
Sent - Wel...done.
Paused - This happens for two reasons, either you manually pause it or the system pauses it when the customer goes over his quota.

Now, getting back to your Pending Sending issue, most likely your cron jobs don't run and they don't pick the campaigns for sending.
Here's more: https://forum.mailwizz.com/threads/my-campaigns-dont-send-theyre-stuck-in-pending-sending-status.2

Thank you ... for the help with the terms ... so with an 8 email course spaced out 7 days apart .. the emails waiting to be sent next week and week after etc ... should be sitting in the "sending" status" ? or the "processing" status ?

I have changed the setting in the backend "campaigns at once" to 50 and also added the cron jobs that separate regular campaigns from auto responder campaigns - I have also added the parameter .. so the cron looks like this:

set every minute:
php -q /home/domain/public_html/apps/console/console.php send-campaigns --campaigns_type=autoresponder --campaigns_limit=50 >/dev/null 2>&1

How high can this number reasonably be? Right now I have total of 16 auto-responder (emails) campaigns but this number is sure to rise to over 100 in the next two weeks. I am loading in email courses ... most of which have between 8 -20 lessons. I don not have a lot of subscribers pulling on the system though ... less than 300

Nothing has changed in my system yet but figured I would give the changes time in the serves ... check it tomorrow. If this does not work ... I am probably past my pay grade on any more changes ... willing to pay someone to get into my installation and fix it. Thank you.

Doug K
Hey Doug,

It'll stay in "sending" then will move in "processing" for a while, then back to "sending".

What you did above seems correct, but maybe you can PM me with the cpanel details so that i can see the cron jobs by myself? (and maybe also some mailwizz backend login details).
I'm thinking maybe your hosting does some tricks.